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Ep. 12: It’s Either A One-Man Band or A Baby On His Back

This episode is a magical romp! A romp, I say! Okay… perhaps it’s not all that magical, but we head off to the zoo in this one, which is pretty cool. Field trip! Contact: Comments/Voicemail – 909.742.9268 Email – ipodpanda [at] ACT I (00:18) 00:01:30 — Should Dani go to the bank? 00:06:00 — …

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Ep. 11/Pt. 3: Movies of 2010: The Upheaval

It’s here! It’s finally here! (Please try to contain your enthusiasm, so as to not stain the carpets. Thanks.) The final part of our long-running, seemingly neverending “Movies of 2010” series is here. Join us as we talk far longer than intended, just as we did with the previous two episodes. (Consistency! Huzzah! w00t! And …

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Ep. 11/Pt. 2: Movies of 2010: The Undeadening

[Album Art]

We’re all about fun, movies, and Justin’s little Lewis Black rant about teenagers. In this episode, we discuss: Alice in Wonderland, Youth in Revolt, The Book of Eli, Easy A, Kick-Ass, Salt, Iron Man 2, Shrek Forever After and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Enjoy! Download link: 00:00:27 – Official Start 00:18:53 – Voicemail: …

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Ep. 11/Pt. 1: Movies of 2010: The Birth

AKA the longest two hours and twenty-five minutes of your life! The horror! The unspeakable horror! :) Okay… not really. It’s actually quite fun. The recording ran long and I (Justin) decided to keep it in one piece because the whole affair will already be a multi-part batch of goodness when we’re finished talking about …

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Ep. 10: Hootie Lovin’ Vegans

Lazy Justin is lazy. [I truly am.] No real description this time around, except to say that this episode was recorded at a little table in the North Market building (Columbus, Ohio). Enjoy the Chinese baby sprinkles! Download link: The Food/Photographed by Justin: Luna Vachon/Found at Kate Mulgrew/Found at …

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Ep. 9: Laughing Makes My Goolies Wobble

00:01:30 – Start of show… 00:06:40 – “We are not a racist couple…” 00:11:05 – “Suddenly, Strokey Grandma is not as fun.” 00:20:21 – “We wish them despair because we love them.” 00:20:49 – Cursing the phone… 00:28:30 – Boff/Marry/Kill Game 00:32:14 – Secret of Living… 00:32:20 – Back to B/M/K 00:45:27 – Swarthy != …

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Episode 8: “In Which Justin Angers the Ghost of Falco” (Pt. 3 of 3)

Ahoy! We doth be embarkin’ on a journey through the last part o’ ye olde Movies of 2009 series. It be damn old, but still funny in ways that be givin’ ye scurvy! Har har har! :) Enjoy the voyage! Direct download link: Elfchild’s Panda Show Episode 8: “In Which Justin Angers the Ghost …

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Episode 8: “You Say Bajingo, I Say Vagoogity” (Pt. 2 of 3)

Much later than promised, here is Part 2 of our 3-part Movies of 2009 episode. Sorry for some of the background noise during the intro. I forgot to turn off the ceiling fan, so when I boosted the audio for the first five minutes or so, it amplified the sound of the fan in the …

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Ep. 8 – (Pt. 1 of 3) – Those Brown Circle Things

Welcome to 2010!!! Um… three months late… (*blink blink*) Here’s our Movies of 2009 episode. This was planned for January, but… obviously didn’t happen. (Justin’s moods/depression at fault, mostly.) We recorded on March 14th, but… again… damn release delays. We sort of rambled on and got into our usual rathole, so the episode ran long. …

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Ep. 7 – Skittle Flavored Joy Juice

Notes: *The poop machine and his successors *A very gay, very musical episode *Daniel’s mum and Girls Gone Wild? *The Day The Earth Stood Still / Coraline / Watchmen *No one got plastered on Xmas, but it was still nice *Good ol’ party plates *TWO Tips of the Day! *Our mystery Zune listener is… *Loading …

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