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JJPCHLS One: Ep.1/Pt.3 – Good Hate-Sex is Way Better Than Megan Fox

All fantastically beautiful things must eventually come to an end, as is the case with this delightful collaboration with the wise and powerful Jacob. (He commands the unholy power of the Zune!!!) Listen, enjoy, and leave some bloody comments already! :) Direct download link: Jake and Justin’s Primetime Candy and Happy Life Show “Good …

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JJPCHLS One: Ep.1/Pt.2 – She’s My Sister Too!

The geektastic fun continues as Justin and Jacob return for part two of their delightfully clumsy podcast romp. (Romp? Wha? How uncool!) Enjoy the randomosity! (I love fake words.) Jake and Justin’s Primetime Candy and Happy Life Show “She’s My Sister Too!” (aka Ep.1/Pt.2) Full duration of episode: 50min:21sec General Topic Timeline: 01:51 – And …

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JJPCHLS One: Ep.1/Pt.1 – Vehicular Manslaughter Is Always A Giveaway

Justin’s friend Jacob joins him for this multi-part recording that is half funny and half tragically flawed. (Love us?) Oh yeah, “multi-part” is code for “the dorks kept talking and had to hack the show into separate pieces.” Enjoy! Full duration of episode: 1hr:03min:54sec [audio:|titles=Vehicular Manslaughter Is Always A Giveaway|artists=Justin and Jake] General Topic Timeline: …

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