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We’re total freaks who don’t have cars and live in a city with a not-super-great transit system, so we use Uber when we want to do something fun together that isn’t nearby. When you sign up with Uber and use our promo code (seen below), you get a discount on your first ride and we …

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Tea! Yay! w00t! Et cetera! We like tea. Buy one of our blends below. We don’t get any money, but we get points. Points = tea. Tea = yum. So help us get some yum! Quite Likely a Total Disaster: chamomile / yerba mate / cinnamon / aniseed accent Sometimes I Just Throw Stuff: chestnut …

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While this isn’t a way to fill our pants with money (or anything else, for that matter), it is a way to fill our bellies with stuff that isn’t terrible for us. Use the code below when you sign up at Graze. (**It’s a link, so click it!**) You’ll get your first and fifth box …

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