Ep. 5 – Our Podcast is a Horcrux

*Justin’s paper is extra magical
*The first 70% is always pointless
*Suck it, Hillary… and other things WE missed
*Magic Erase your tension
*Margaritas + Hulk = a decent time for all
*Sell everything to Viacom to avoid confrontation
*Coke binges lead to handheld gaming
*Stealing cheese and killing hookers
*Dani’s kidneys are soft and supple
*Going straight
*Domestic abuse has never been more loving
*Apple’s vending robot
*LOGO (and the suckage within)
*A list written in shit?
*Fake psychics welcome
*Spray-on glitter connections
*Hi, Gale!
*We don’t condone shoving things in your asshole
*”Can you make an anal bottle rocket?”
*Pre-post-show recap time!

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Opening Skit – “Jinx! You’re Gay!” by Smart Bomb Radio
Theme Song – “Dingos Grooved My Baby” by flopsy
Ending Song – “No Candy” by The Fighting Cocks