JJPCHLS One: Ep.1/Pt.2 – She’s My Sister Too!

The geektastic fun continues as Justin and Jacob return for part two of their delightfully clumsy podcast romp. (Romp? Wha? How uncool!) Enjoy the randomosity! (I love fake words.)

Jake and Justin’s Primetime Candy and Happy Life Show
“She’s My Sister Too!” (aka Ep.1/Pt.2)

Full duration of episode: 50min:21sec

General Topic Timeline:
01:51 – And so it continues…
02:25 – Well, it’s rectangular (Geek ALERT!)
15:15 – Browser talk
23:30 – Pr0n + Zune = Ta-da!
23:50 – Rupert Grint’s ice cream truck
26:30 – Alaska’s Mexicans!
26:35 – Ice cream continued
29:55 – Here’s how to order!
32:20 – Ye Olde Dildo Factory and the Pepsi Incident
36:40 – The Eternal Circus
38:20 – The kind of video-on-audio that Zilla loves
39:40 – Movie talk?
48:20 – All for now…

Opera (http://www.opera.com)
Firefox (http://getfirefox.com)
Flock (http://www.flock.com)
Creative MuVo (http://us.creative.com)
Apple iPod (http://store.apple.com/us)
Microsoft Zune (http://www.zune.com)
Netflix (http://www.netflix.com)
Ubuntu (http://www.ubuntu.com)
Rupert Grint (http://www.rupert-grint.us/)
Billy Mays (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Mays)

Special thanks to:
Lucian Piane (http://www.revolucian.com)
Andrew Potterton (http://www.myspace.com/dopekick)
Blastwave FX (http://www.blastwavefx.com/)

And, of course, to my friend Bradley for lending his voice to the little intro. (Thanks again!)

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