JJPCHLS One: Ep.1/Pt.3 – Good Hate-Sex is Way Better Than Megan Fox

All fantastically beautiful things must eventually come to an end, as is the case with this delightful collaboration with the wise and powerful Jacob. (He commands the unholy power of the Zune!!!) Listen, enjoy, and leave some bloody comments already! :)

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Jake and Justin’s Primetime Candy and Happy Life Show
Good Hate-Sex is Way Better Than Megan Fox” (aka Ep.1/Pt.3)

[audio:http://media.libsyn.com/media/theburrow/JJPCHLSep1pt3.mp3|titles=”Good Hate-Sex is Way Better Than Megan Fox”|artists=Justin and Jacob]

Full duration of episode: 1hr12min:47sec

General Topic Timeline:
0:02:14 – A long, long time ago…
0:06:54 – “I’m one of THOSE people…”
0:08:55 – “Ah yes… my archnemesis!”
0:13:41 – No f*cking way! We’re not ‘tweens!
0:17:40 – Split-second bad English accent moment
0:19:10 – John Travolta. Robin Williams. Dog. ‘Nuff said.
0:22:37 – Interesting, bad, or a combination thereof.
0:23:20 – Nic Cage ruined Justin’s childhood memories.
0:25:18 – There are no “Buy one, Get one” dry vagina sales here…
0:28:37 – Bad Sean Connery impressions for everyone!
0:29:55 – “I’ll split it into pieces. It’ll be ok.”
0:32:28 – That’s just mean.
0:35:29 – It’s not mine. It’s an iTunes rental.
0:38:15 – A moment of silence for our dignity.
0:41:36 – Jake et Justin: Un film français mauvais
0:43:45 – If all else fails…
0:47:00 – Zillafag ice-skating ruins the mystique
0:50:08 – Can I pick all 3?
0:50:40 – Wait… am I f*cking Judi Dench?! Epic win!
0:51:30 – Have sex with or kill? Erotic asphyxiation = compromise.
0:53:50 – Damn you, Rachael Ray!
0:57:27 – Let me Google it!
1:02:30 – Straight up Vaudeville, bitches!
1:05:00 – Parting is such sweet sorrow…
1:06:39 – Filling our awkward silence quota
1:08:05 – Filling our offending the disabled quota
1:08:20 – The End.

Timur Bekmambetov – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0067457/
Pixar – http://www.pixar.com/
Shutter Island – http://www.shutterisland.com/
Podscope – http://www.podscope.com/
Zillafag – http://www.zillafag.com
Zune – http://www.zune.net

Special thanks to:
Andrew Potterton (http://www.myspace.com/dopekick)
Blastwave FX (http://www.blastwavefx.com/)
Aaron English (http://www.aaronenglish.com)

And, of course, to my friend Bradley for lending his voice to the little intro. (Thanks again, babe!)

**If anyone has any clue who I can credit for the “Please don’t divorce mommy” bit, please let me know. I can’t recall where I found it.**

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