Out and About 11: NYC

Cover artListen to us talk a little about our hatred of families and the hobo transport, our approval of the subway and fat pigeons, and the joy of apartment buildings talking back to us. Also, enjoy the constant hum of the city through the open window. (Sorry. It didn’t sound quite that noisy to our ears while recording. You can actually hear exactly when I [Justin] reposition the mic away from the fire escape.)

Download link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/theburrow/oa11post.mp3

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One World Trade Center — http://onewtc.com/
Fiore’s Pizza — http://www.orderfiorespizza.com/
Mountain Mama’s — http://www.kayakwheeling.com/
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“Gypsy of New York City” by Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks (https://www.facebook.com/MariaRoseKicks)

Special thanks…
The people of Fiore’s for the weird, tasty pizza delivery (our first proper meal in town) and to the guys at SnackBox on Broadway & 46th for the milkshakes. Mmm… milkshakes.