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Ep. 17 (Pt. 1): The Facehole Stays The Same But The Items Change

In this episode: Dani fails to understand clipboard joy, Justin waves a knife about, Dani plays with Steve Irwin, and Justin rants about anyone who has ever used electronic tech. Download link: Right-click and save… Listen below: Show stuff: Voicemail line – 909.742.9268 Twitter – Instagram – Links: Macau’s gambling woes The Knife …

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Ep. 16: Boyfriend Tag

For the record, I was apparently thinking of Inuyasha and Rogue from The Crüxshadows. Download link: Show stuff: Voicemail line – 909.742.9268 Twitter – Instagram – Theme song: “Dingos Grooved My Baby” by Flopsy Links: Justin’s depression episode Arcade Gannon Chuckles Streets of Rage North Market Pocky Ramune Steve Zaragoza Three Sheets …

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Ep. 15: There’s That Sound Again

We discuss the Columbus Pride parade and festival, Justin’s bitter self tries to assure you he’s not a racist, and things just generally suck for the next hour or so. Download link: Show stuff: Voicemail line – 909.742.9268 Twitter – Instagram – The Rdio playlist: Theme song: “Dingos Grooved My Baby” by …

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Ep. 14: Mustachioed Blunderbuss

We start off with a brief brony discussion, Dani realizes it’s May while we gripe/get bummed about shitty adult stuff, 2013 is given a bit of a recap, Comixology gets a mention (as do a few comic books), and we try to get food from our loyal listeners. Download link: Show stuff: Voicemail line …

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Ep. 13: Self-Made Guru of Bad Advice

In December, wayyyyyyy back in the year 2012, we recorded an episode for you guys. Then, as we do, we sort of forgot about it. But I (Justin) eventually remembered and have uploaded it for your listening pleasure. In this episode, we discuss four films we saw recently(ish) and act like the loopy, sleepy fartnuggets …

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Ep. 12(b): Titanic, Racism and Boobs (Not Necessarily in That Order)

In this disastrous add-on to our most recent episode, we discuss our outing to see ‘Titanic’ in all it’s IMAX-y, 3D glory. Bear with us– this one sucks a bit. Contact: Comments/Voicemail – 909.742.9268 Email – ipodpanda[at] Download link: Music: “Ginger Pants” by Autorotation ( Album art:

Ep. 12: It’s Either A One-Man Band or A Baby On His Back

This episode is a magical romp! A romp, I say! Okay… perhaps it’s not all that magical, but we head off to the zoo in this one, which is pretty cool. Field trip! Contact: Comments/Voicemail – 909.742.9268 Email – ipodpanda [at] ACT I (00:18) 00:01:30 — Should Dani go to the bank? 00:06:00 — …

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Ep. 11/Pt. 3: Movies of 2010: The Upheaval

It’s here! It’s finally here! (Please try to contain your enthusiasm, so as to not stain the carpets. Thanks.) The final part of our long-running, seemingly neverending “Movies of 2010” series is here. Join us as we talk far longer than intended, just as we did with the previous two episodes. (Consistency! Huzzah! w00t! And …

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Ep. 11/Pt. 2: Movies of 2010: The Undeadening

We’re all about fun, movies, and Justin’s little Lewis Black rant about teenagers. In this episode, we discuss: Alice in Wonderland, Youth in Revolt, The Book of Eli, Easy A, Kick-Ass, Salt, Iron Man 2, Shrek Forever After and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Enjoy! Download link: 00:00:27 – Official Start 00:18:53 – Voicemail: …

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Ep. 11/Pt. 1: Movies of 2010: The Birth

AKA the longest two hours and twenty-five minutes of your life! The horror! The unspeakable horror! :) Okay… not really. It’s actually quite fun. The recording ran long and I (Justin) decided to keep it in one piece because the whole affair will already be a multi-part batch of goodness when we’re finished talking about …

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