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Update: Falling Apart and Nanny Farts

Yes, we’re alive. Here’s a quick “Welcome to 2017” sort of thing. Thanks for listening! (*insert celebratory butt shake here*) Download link: Right-click and save… Show stuff: Voicemail line – 909.742.9268 Twitter – Instagram – Shownotes – Links: Film Riot iCandy Tina thrashing The Nanny fart screencap

Update: April Was Way Back in April, You Know?

What happens when life gives you lemons? Well… you let those lemons sit around until they’re all gross and stinky and then you hand them out to your friends. Here’s a little update that serves as both a solution to our forgetfulness and an announcement that our next episode is prowling in circles, sneaking its …

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Update: For The Record, Togepi is Smaller Than Pikachu

This was simply supposed to be an update. As usual, we got a bit distracted. In this recording: Christmas, inflatable sheep, Thai ladyboys, and the relative sizes of Pokemon. Stay tuned for our new action-adventure series, Rock Fists and Giant Snake. Download link: Right-click and save… Listen below: Show stuff: Voicemail line – 909.742.9268 Twitter …

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(Happy) New Year

This was supposed to be a 2-minute update. It… well… went on slightly longer. Happy 2010, peeps. Enjoy! Direct download link: Elfchild’s Panda Show Update: “(Happy) New Year” [audio:|titles=”(Happy) New Year”|artists=Justin and Dani] Full duration of episode: 32min:34sec Music: “Auld Lang Syne” by Rockosaurus Rex ( Links: Official Site ( Justin on Twitter ( …

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