Out and About: 9 – Squeeze a Unicorn for Hot Cocoa

In this rather lengthy Out and About episode, Justin and Dani head out to see “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Dark Shadows”. Justin forgets how to breathe properly, questions Ed Wynn’s level of deadness, and aims to hit the mattress with Dame Helen Mirren. Dani tries his best not to encourage Justin in any way. Enjoy the show!

Download link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/theburrow/epsoa9final.mp3

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Music within:
“The Monkey With the Golden Fez” by Clouseaux (http://www.clouseaux.com/)
“Penguins Are Disgusting” by The Chris Waffle Experience (http://www.hotwafflesmusic.com/category/cwe/)
“The Lonely Man Theme” by Joe Harnell

The chant heard twice in the recording (part of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’) was found at this YouTube link. — http://youtu.be/qBZ9i5BNjvE

The closing bit is an excerpt from an episode of Hollywood Babble-On. (http://smodcast.com)

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