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Ep. 7 – Skittle Flavored Joy Juice

Notes: *The poop machine and his successors *A very gay, very musical episode *Daniel’s mum and Girls Gone Wild? *The Day The Earth Stood Still / Coraline / Watchmen *No one got plastered on Xmas, but it was still nice *Good ol’ party plates *TWO Tips of the Day! *Our mystery Zune listener is… *Loading …

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Ep. 6 – Der Politekturduckenshowzen

Notes: *Slowest progression ever! *Woefully behind the times? Never! *Unhealthy fascination with Adam’s crotch *CNN: Technopimps Extraordinaire *Is that you, Boomsheeka? *We promise to read hate mail. *We welcome Lady Liberty’s copper tits. *Stroking the Colossus *Bienvenidos a Sabado Gigante!!! *Permanently scarred by Graham Norton’s Belgian Chocolate *Delicious radiator omelette recipe *Have you pre-ordered “Nailin’ …

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Ep. 5 – Our Podcast is a Horcrux

*Justin’s paper is extra magical *The first 70% is always pointless *Suck it, Hillary… and other things WE missed *Magic Erase your tension *Margaritas + Hulk = a decent time for all *Sell everything to Viacom to avoid confrontation *Coke binges lead to handheld gaming *Stealing cheese and killing hookers *Dani’s kidneys are soft and …

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Ep. 4 – Mikey Is In The Building

On today’s show, Mikey invades the show and Dani’s presence is minimal. Justin and Mikey’s intro goes waaaay too long and turns into the podcast itself. Admitting defeat, the two hyper dorks decide to call Dani and have a chat. Lovely summary, eh? Learn all about… * Kentucky: Still humping goats? * Angering Taco Bell …

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